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Interview with Gourmet Chef Laura for the Boca Magazine, Nov/Dec Issue

gourmet chef

Laura Todd's passion for catering and events is palpable. The West Palm Beach local prides herself on her personal relationships with her clients while delivering seamless events. Chef Laura launched Laura Ashley Catering & Events nine years ago to provide clients a classic elegance with modern twist. "I love being part of people's special events," she says, "I feel like I get to follow my clients through life's milestones. We become like family. I love my job because it's personal. They know exactly who I am. They can trust me and know that I'm going to be there. Catering is more personal. It's really people to people, and I like that alot."

Over the years, gourmet chef Laura learns about each home, where the spoons are kept and when a loved one has an allergy. Laura's full-service catering company takes care of every party detail while also taking care of her clients so they can enjoy the party with the rest of their guests.

Laura is passionate about giving back and is a member of Impact 100 Palm Beach County, a Leukemia & Lymphoma fundraiser, and she's launching her personal non-profit, The Giving Kitchen, next year to help local charities underwrite their event catering needs.

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